Exiber Academy

The Academy consist of an 8-12 week immersion of 3 modules in which students learn from the basic of programmatic to the most complex methods of integrations and optimizations. We work with leading agencies in the region to place graduates of the Exiber Academy. Individual courses are also offered to clients.

Module 1

Programmatic Ecosystem I
  • Digital Marketing 101
  • E-Commerce 101
  • Ad Operations 101
  • Programmatic 101
  • Intro to DSPs and Programmatic Ecosystem

Module 2

  • Campaign setup
  • Campaign Management
  • Advance Optimizations
  • Programmatic Channels
  • Supply Management
  • Analysis and Insights

Module 3

Programmatic Ecosystem II
  • Effective Teams
  • Presentation Skills
  • Effective meetings
  • Critical thinking and problem solving

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